According to the Hays guide of 2018, one of the most growing markets in Spain is the logistics and transport sector. According to all forecasts, it is estimated that its growth will continue during the following years. In addition to these new opportunities, the growth of workers’ wages has also been reflected. For example, in executive positions, labor contracts are around 70,000 euros per year for a Regional Operations Director and 27,500 for a warehouse manager. The worker’s experience and regional variations are increasing the jobs. Also, this creates many jobs.

Logistics, a sector on the rise

The freight transport sector itself and logistics, is in full growth. Currently, it is considered to have an annual growth of 2%.

In addition to this, the forecasts predict that the sector itself will represent 8% of Spanish GDP, in addition to a turnover of 11,000 million euros, with some 800,000 jobs that will also remain for the next few years.

According to the data exposed by Hays, the sector of online stores and electronic commerce, will change to the logistics companies. It will be increasingly necessary to have strategic and technical profiles. These will include the necessary tools to improve the logistics chain.

For example, the logistics operators that manage the centers will need close management of their operations and control of the results obtained. This means that profiles such as «Platform Manager», «Operations Manager» or «Supply Chain Manager» become more and more necessary.

In the part of the transport of goods, is evolving from a purely commercial profile to the Directors or Branch managers. On the other hand, the person responsible for purchases remains one of the most demanded profiles. In the Hays report, it is also highlighted that the salary increase in the logistics and transport sector will be higher than the rest of the Spanish production sectors.

The logistics sector demands innovation profiles

The truth is that a good professional in the logistics sector has to have this characteristics:


Empathetic person

With languages ​​and negotiating skills.

The digital transformation of the logistics sector

One of the highlights in the Hays guide is that digital transformation is one of the great challenges that the logistics sector has. Optimizing the supply chain is one of the key aspects in companies.

During the International Logistics Fair (ILF), much commented the 4.0 revolution both globally, and within the logistics sector. They defend the importance of integrating different supply networks for the client.