As we have seen in our articles on the trends of the logistics sector or the importance of technology in logistics, at present it is essential for any company in the sector to have the capacity to adapt quickly, incorporating the most cutting-edge trends to technology. In this way, an added value is offered to the services offered.

The way to consume has taken a turn in recent years with the addition of online stores. The same has had a great influence on the logistics sector. The speed of deliveries, the volume of orders and the pressure to improve quality have made the supply chain even more pressed with the aim of improving service. The consequence of all this is that each of the gears that are part of the mechanism are rapidly adopting the technologies that allow us to optimize each of the processes.

Management within a supply chain

One of the main reasons that prevents improvements in both cost and service, are outdated and inefficient processes. That’s why optimization of the logistics chain is so important.

Nowadays more than ever it is necessary that the strategies of each of the links in the chain focus on the satisfaction of the user. In this case, offering services of the highest quality is key.

In any logistics operation you should avoid:

  • Errors in order specifications.
  • The number of breaks.
  • Delays.
  • Inaccuracies in deliveries.
  • The bad management.
  • The lack of coordination between the different centers and / or points of sale.
  • The importance of resource management within the logistics process

All these changes that are already being integrated within the sector, also include the management of the company’s personnel. Currently, different tracking, tracing and tracking systems are being used using systems such as GSM, GPS or GPRS.

Thanks to this technology, routes can be controlled in order to reduce both times and distances.

The barcode and RFID

The first thing we have to say is that the barcode and RFID have had a totally different evolution process. The bar code began its journey in the consumer, subsequently applied to the logistics sector and RFID has experienced the process in reverse.

Certainly, although the bar code is very widespread, you still do not get the most out of it. RFID is currently used mainly in logistics chains that handle products with a high unit cost.

The voice picking

The main advantage of voice picking is that the operator has both his hands and his eyes free at all times. This is because orders are received through a headset. In this way, paper lists are avoided, or the screen display of a mobile device is avoided.

The voice picking gets:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Increase the pressure in the preparation of orders.

The more intensive the work, the more advantages are observed with the use of voice picking.

Let’s talk about kpi

Due to the large volume of product handled in a logistics center, it is essential to be able to measure the different performance indicators. Thanks to this data, we can make the best decisions that help us design and implement improvements that optimize productivity.

Using different Business Intelligence solutions allows different metrics to be analyzed to help improve the services offered.

In short, all the technological advances that are taking place and that are already part of the day to day logistics, respond to the need for an improvement of both times and quality in the sector.

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