Success in logistics innovation

We have the most innovative, advanced and efficient logistics solutions for your business.

Innovation in logistics is essential to attain the two most important objectives in the supply chain: ensure the best service to customers and reduce costs.

At Factor 5 we know this, which is why we have our own development team, with Agile methods, tools and processes.

We provide flexible and proactive support that adapts to the needs of your logistics operations.

We always use technology rationally, we are aware that it is a lever for improvement and innovation, which allows us to improve quality and reduce costs for our customers.

With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, our methodology guarantees the best productivity and quality ratios.

The objectives of our program are clearly defined:

  1. Maintain a culture of continuous improvement.
  2. Continuous support and assistance for logistics operations.
  3. Encourage the sharing of best practices.
  4. Increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  5. Achieve total customer satisfaction.
  6. Provide the best tools and information needed to make decisions.
  7. Be a guarantee of success for our clients.


Lean Management

We adapt to your needs, optimise and improve your logistics processes.

Ever since it was set up in 2005, at Factor 5 we have ALWAYS put all of our efforts into developing an ambitious and effective on-going improvement programme that results in the operational excellence of our clients. And we have succeeded.

The Factor 5 programme is based on the application of the Lean methodology, and it is aimed at optimising processes and eliminating costs incurred by bad practices.


At Factor 5 we are committed to logistics 4.0

At Factor 5 we are committed to logistics 4.0, and we provide you with the most advanced and efficient technologies for your supply chain, which adapt to your evolution needs. This is all enhanced by, providing the best customer service.

Process digitisation:

  • Management of production batches in factories.
  • Digital document management to eliminate paper used for delivery notes.
  • POD (proof of delivery).
  • Invoices.

Automation and robotics:

  • Selective and evolutionary robotic process automation.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things & Big Data

  • Improving the efficiency of pick-up and delivery routes.
  • Improved load efficiency.
  • Vehicle type optimisation.

Integration and visibility:

  • Integration with customer information and management systems.
  • Real-time monitoring of warehouse and transport activities.
  • Access to all the information from the F5 Dashboard.

Leaders in
innovation logitics


Logistics 4.0 is now

We want to offer you the best service and we want you to be fully satisfied with us, and for that in Factor 5 we have our own WMS (Warehouse Management System), equipped with the highest performance and functionality:

  • Intelligent storage.
  • Multiple preparedness strategies.
  • Stock control.
  • Batches and expiry dates.
  • Inventory management.
  • RF.
  • Voice picking.
  • Pick & Put to Light.
  • OCR.
  • Visual recognition.
  • Integrated with sorters.
  • Robots.
  • Other automatisms.

Leaders in
innovation logitics

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Total Quality Policy

At Factor 5, quality is non-negotiable.

Factor 5 upholds at policy of total quality in each and every one of its processes, with a methodology based on KPIs shared with customers and suppliers, and a continuous training system that supports and strengthens our policy.

Consumers are becoming increasingly more demanding, they want the highest standards of assistance and quality. And you can find all this at Factor 5, where we exceed your expectations.


How can we help you?

We develop sustainable logistics operations with a high level of satisfaction from our customers. We are experts in the implementation of projects and their continuous improvement based on technical innovation.