On February 21 at the Club Financiero Génova in Madrid, the FACTOR 5 event took place, where we explain the company’s next challenges for the next 5 years. The event began with the presentation entitled «Upcoming Challenges of FACTOR 5» by José Manuel Tejera, (CEO and Cofounder of FACTOR 5). During his speech, the company’s history was traced from its origins to the present. He highlighted the importance that innovation and technology have had during the entire evolutionary process of the company. Thanks to the way we worked during these years, an important growth has been achieved over time.

Regarding the challenges for the coming years that we face in FACTOR 5, Tejera said that «it’s about continuing to grow, maintaining our foundational values ​​and being considered as generators of different and high-value logistics solutions.» , commented that «we will continue betting and investing in technological solutions that optimize the activity of our clients and that improve the efficiency of logistics operations».

In this sense, adding to the latest trends in innovation Jose Manuel Tejera stressed the importance of technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, applied to logistics operations, all focused on achieving operational improvement and also costs.

If you want to see the presentation of Jose Manuel Tejera in full, do not hesitate to see the following video!

After this presentation, Juan Ramón González (operations director of the IFA Group) took the floor, with his presentation entitled: «Logistics operator yes, but… how far?», He presented the case of the web platform developed by FACTOR 5 for the IFA Group. This platform has been key to the consolidation of orders and the improvement of the logistics process. Thanks to this, costs have been improved (assuming a great advantage for the members of the group). Apart from this, according to the words of Juan Ramón González, did not hesitate to highlight: «the great capacity of adaptation of FACTOR 5 to the needs raised by its customers, and especially the technological solutions it provides and that are a very differentiating element. important and of great value. »

Lastly, we were able to listen to Pablo del Río (Sports Psychologist at the High Performance Center of the CSD in Madrid) who was in charge of closing the event with a motivational talk on «Performance Optimization«, where he spoke about sports values ​​applicable to the company , with the aim of achieving greater performance and motivation of the team.

Do you want to see what Pablo del Río told us? Do not miss it in the next video.

El evento se llevó a cabo en el Financial Club Génova en Madrid, y reunió a más de 65 profesionales del sector de la logística.