The Spanish organic baby food company Smileat, a Factor 5 client, has grown by 66% in 2022 and plans to bill 12 million euros this year.

Smileat has established itself as the second organic baby food brand, the Spanish brand that sells the most in its category and one of the fastest growing in online sales.

In its industry revolution, based on entrepreneurship, innovation and honesty, Smeleat chose Factor 5 as its logistics distributor. From our facilities in Cabanillas del Campo, their products are distributed to all corners of Spain and Portugal: El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Dia, Alcampo, Consum, Amazon or Hiper Usera, as well as pharmacies, herbalists and a significant volume of online sales. .

For the distribution of online sales, Factor 5 has automated its processes in order to maintain the good work and the service provided to Smileat:

Smileat faces new objectives, such as its presence in new supermarkets, home delivery platforms or airlines. In addition, it is committed to electronic commerce, which already represents 20% of its sales.

Factor 5 will continue to accompany Smileat in its baby food revolution based on 100% ecological and sustainable alternatives.

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