At FACTOR 5, we are fully aware that individuals are essential to the company and that every one of them contributes to achieving our daily objectives. For this reason we have set up a new employee portal. On this site every member of staff can consult all the information relevant to their activity in an easily accessible format. This includes the following:

  • Working hours.
  • Shift information
  • Vacations
  • Self management information.

The new FACTOR 5 employee portal

In addition to the above, employees will also have access 24/7 to all the information they need in relation to the following:

  • The welcome manual.
  • General working rules and conditions and any specific regulations applicable at each work center.
  • Data protection legislation.
  • The work center.
  • Courses (both compulsory and voluntary) corresponding to their personalized training plan.
  • Occupational risk prevention rules.
  • FACTOR 5 news and the internal corporate magazine.

With this new employee portal, we aim not only to enrich the experience and promote the talent within FACTOR 5, but also to continue integrating new members into our team. At the same time we hope to identify and retain our best associates and leaders to consolidate productivity and commitment.