FACTOR 5 together with Mahou San Miguel has celebrated the official presentation of the new logistics platform located in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara). With the aim of hosting part of the Solán de Cabras operations in the central area of ​​Spain.


FACTOR 5 has officially opened its platform in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).  Some of the attendees were:

Patricia Franco Jiménez, Minister of Economy, Business and Employment of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha (JCCM);

José Manuel Latre Rebled, President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara;

José García Salinas, Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo;

Alberto Rojo Blas, Delegate of the JCCM in Guadalajara;

Agustín de Grandes Pascual, President of the CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara;

Antonio Pastor Francés, President of the Logistics Commission and Member of the Executive Committee of AEDHE (Henares Business Association).

On behalf of FACTOR 5:

Santiago Vicente, General Director;

Ana Belén López, Director of Engineering and Projects;

Juan Carlos Campillos, Operations Director.

While on the part of the Mahou San Miguel Group:.

Jesús Núñez, General Director of the Water Unit attended;.

Rafael Castilla, Logistics Director of the Water Unit,.

Carmen Calama, Logistics Director of Mahou San Miguel.

Julio Garrido, Director of Optimization and Customer Service.

This meeting began with a brief visit to the facilities. First of all by taking the floor, Jesús Núñez, General Director of the Water Unit at Mahou San Miguel,  pointed out:

«this new center logistics is an important step forward in the business strategy of Mahou San Miguel Water in the coming years, since it allows us to be even closer to our consumers and customers to achieve greater capillarity throughout the national territory. »

In this sense, the General Director of FACTOR 5, Santiago Vicente, added:

«At present we manage more than 300,000 m2, with more than 850 employees. We estimate that by the end of this year we will surpass 50 million billings, with more than 1300 employees. In FACTOR 5 we generate 30% of our jobs in Castilla la Mancha, with all our personnel in a template subject to an agreement».

For its part, the Mayor of Cabanillas del Campo, José García Salinas, also intervened underlining the important industrial development and business creation in this municipality of La Mancha, «being one of the towns of more than 10,000 inhabitants and less than 40,000 inhabitants with the rate of lower low unemployment and with an important industrial and business development «.

Finally the Minister of Economy, Business and Employment of the Board of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha (JCCM), Patricia Franco Jiménez, closed the event. She highlighted Cabanillas del Campo as a major focus of business. Castilla – La Mancha is a very attractive region for companies, given its location in the central peninsular area.
Mahou San Miguel y FACTOR 5 inauguran una nueva plataforma logística para Solán de Cabras
This Cabanillas platform has a total area of ​​26,000m2, of which 12,000m2 are dedicated entirely to Solán de Cabras. In this ship logistics and storage tasks are performed, with a capacity of 16,000 reaching up to 29,000 pallets according to season, this flow of merchandise involves a traffic of 40 trailers in normal periods reaching up to 80 daily trailers depending on seasonality. In other words, pallets and trailers are doubled in the months of greatest product demand. Likewise, FACTOR 5 exclusively manages the orders of Solán de Cabras regarding marketing and events (golf courses, weddings, catering, etc.).

The ship of Solán de Cabras, managed by FACTOR 5, in Cabanillas del Campo is located in Polígono Industrial nº2, en la C/ Francisco Medina y Mendoza, 28, parcela B


FACTOR 5 y solan de cabras

About Factor 5

At FACTOR 5 we are specialized in the development of sustainable logistics solutions, storage and transport. We provide value throughout the entire supply chain. We currently have a human team consisting of more than 850 people, managing more than 275,000 m2 and a turnover of more than 40 million euros per year.