Currently, one of the ecommerce giants uses one of the most innovative systems to manage stocks. This totally innovative system in the sector, allows to reduce the time between the click of the user and the product delivery, getting to exponentially increase the satisfaction.

With more than 8 million products in stock, it is a challenge to carry out the thousands of orders that are carried out daily and that the user orders directly through ecommerce platforms. In recent years, logistics platforms have had to adapt their space, to accommodate this great growth that are contributing online stores in Spain. There is no denying that we are experiencing the boom of commerce through the Internet, which is driving further growth within the sector.

One of the largest ecommerce giants, it already has 29 warehouses, which are located in different countries within Europe (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Poland). In this way, when a user makes a purchase in a country, the system assigns it almost automatically based on proximity and product availability. In this way, it ensures that the delivery will be made within the stipulated period.

The most innovative systems for Logistics Management in Web pages

Currently, not only in FACTOR 5 we invest in logistics innovation, but innovation and technology has become a staple in the sector itself. Improving the tools and systems that we use allows us to optimize productivity in order to correctly plan and manage the merchandise. Pursuing the best performance has become a fundamental axis to carry out any logistics operation.

Another aspect that we have to comment is that today more than ever, logistics operators have to provide services that offer speed and personalization to the user, since this is exactly what users demand. The new trends in the sector means that now, more than ever, departments such as purchasing, production, transportation, storage, maintenance and distribution have to work in a totally aligned manner to offer the best service.