There are many professionals that have long argued that technology is part of the present and future of our sector. Although it may seem like something from the future, robots and vehicles that move alone inside a warehouse are a reality. All this has made the physical exhaustion that formerly involved working in a logistics center, is something of the past. At present, there are different machines that transport and others that help transport the goods through the warehouse.

All this technological change that is applied to logistics is called «Logistics 4.0» and is used to refer to the optimization of processes, data, people and machines without forgetting the digitization of the supply chain. In short, logistics 4.0 is to implement these new technologies at all levels of the logistics process. Thanks to all this, you manage to streamline the different efforts.

How is logistics 3.0 applied?

The truth is that logistics 3.0 is already applied to all logistics levels. For the order preparation phase, devices are used that either through the voice or by images, help the user optimizing routes. In this way, orders are prepared more quickly and easily.

For the production lines, different tools are integrated that allow stock management in real time. In this way, it is possible to carry out a much more intelligent production in environments of kitting or copacking, gaining in efficiency.

We can not stop commenting that different tools of artificial vision or augmented reality like the «visual check», allow to avoid the errors in the preparation of orders. And on the other hand the robotics tools allow to carry out stock analysis, inventory and even the optimization of access times to certain goods.

However, the truth is that there are still many things that can be implemented at the technological level in the logistics sector. Having a project that allows continuous improvement is key in the sector.

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