We currently live in a world dominated by the internet, where terms such as wearables, drones, big data and the blockchain are now commonly used – even more so in the logistics sector.

Logistics is one of the most competitive sectors in business 

It is clear that logistics is among the most competitive of businesses. In addition, it is a sector which is evolving and advancing every day. It is believed that technology 4.0 is one of the key factors which marks the development and evolution of logistics companies.

Various reports show that top management in the logistics sector are well aware of technological advances and the digital transformation. However, these same studies also show that, in many cases, implementation is still planned over the medium to long term.

Logistics 4.0

We are sure that you have heard plenty of talk on logistics; however the logistics 4.0 concept is totally new. This new methodology includes a number of different technologies including IA (artificial intelligence), blockchain, robotics, automatic guided vehicles etc, all now commonly used in logistics centres.

In the latest report published by Alimarket, there is a discussion of all the technologies applied to the logistics 4.0. as well as the degree of evolution, development and implementation expected in the future.

The democratization of technology

One of the main characteristics of current technology is its democratization; in other words, everyone can have access to the new technologies. Nevertheless it is true that the implementation of some of these, at an operative level, may present certain barriers for the supply chains. Various experts have also expressed the view that even larger companies need to be more open to digitalization.