The logistics sector, has become one of the fundamental axes of many companies. It has become increasingly important that products reach the consumer in the most effective way, improving the supply chain. In the end, all that is sought is to optimize and improve the processes.

At present, both robotization and artificial intelligence are some of the most key logistics trends.

In the logistics sector, technology is having a great influence, so in FACTOR 5, we want to tell you what is most influencing these days.

The e-Commerce sector in logistics

Different experts, defend that the growth of ecommerce will have a great influence in the logistics sector.

In addition to this, several reports show that more than 80% of ecommerce can look to the future with optimism. Approximately, 42% of the ecommerce, will increase their sales between 10-40%. This increase will have its origin in the greater confidence of consumers in online purchases.

According to the Ministry of Industry, 40% of Spaniards carry out online purchases on a regular basis (that is, every month). 25% make at least one purchase every three months and 23% buy online every more than three months.

In short, the forecasts for online stores are very optimistic. 44% of the businesses that are given via the Internet will improve their numbers, and 15.63% will increase their average ticket by more than 10%.

On the other hand, the expansion of ecommerce is something unstoppable. Increasingly, users are familiar with online purchases. Apart from this, the new payment systems offer greater solvency and security for users.

Scalability and internationalization

We can not fail to emphasize that it is estimated that during 2018, foreign trade in Spain will grow by 30%. This will have its origin in the internet, because thanks to online stores, geographical barriers between buyers and sellers have been erased.

At present, Spain is the fourth European power, behind the United Kingdom, Germany and France. It also has segments such as fashion and food (with good penetration rates).

Many companies, thanks to new technologies, are launched to start their own process of internationalization. However, we must not forget that when it comes to internationalizing a business and / or activity, there are also some borders, difficult to solve.

What we have just mentioned is one of the key factors in carrying out the internationalization process. Carrying out trade agreements will be one of the initial phases of the internationalization process.
Tendencias en el sector logístico

Innovation: robotization and AI

As in the other sectors, technology is making great progress. The logistics applied to ecommerce will be a great leap for traditional operators. Those who have not yet decided to make the jump, will do so due to pressure from other big players. The ecommerce sector will continue its unstoppable growth, favoring many other sectors along the way.

At present, there are no longer any doubts about the great advantages that robotic warehouses and transport automation will bring. Both artificial intelligence and robotization, will have a great impact on both the template and security. Thanks to them, great advances will be achieved, apart from optimizing times, reducing the error rate, etc. On the other hand, autonomous transport is also one of the technological factors that will lead to a revolution (although at present, it continues to involve debates regarding different legal, security and privacy issues).

Another thing we want to discuss is the specialization of the logistics sector. One of the key aspects will be to find specific solutions to the client’s needs. Searching solutions together with the efficient management of data will be one of the key factors of success.

The key to logistics, sustainability

The truth is that at present, we are more aware of pollution and the preservation of the environment. For this reason, measures are included in all policies and companies. The tendency is that the current regulation is becoming more restrictive.

All this that we are commenting on, is also what will cause the small parcel companies to seek to develop different strategies in terms of their distribution and their form of transport.