In FACTOR 5 we have always differentiated ourselves by our ability to innovate and find alternative and imaginative solutions to the problems and challenges that appear in operations. In this sense, the south Platform that we manage for a distribution giant has a long history of success in very innovative projects. In this way, he was the first to launch with us the classifier for the preparation of orders, helping the client to implement its stock reduction strategy.

Why is the Visual Check born?

At the beginning of the summer and due to the growth of the customer’s stores, we started to have problems with the quality in the preparation of the orders for the stores and decided to invest in finding an innovative and original solution to ensure the quality. This is how the Visual Check project was born.

Let’s talk about the Visual Check

It is a system of artificial vision and augmented reality. Works in a similar way to a video game that, thanks to a set of cameras, makes us able to determine if the box has been placed on the pallet of the store correct and notify us in case of error. In addition, we can guide the action of the operator with a laser indicator. When a store notifies a missing merchandise, we can analyze the video and determine if the error actually occurred. In this way, we can send to the store a small movie that shows what happened. Really impressive from the technical point of view.

The human team behind the project

The project has been developed from the human point of view since, without a doubt, the best strategy for a successful project is to form a team of people who will make it their own, improve it, Drive it and do not give up on the first setback. The team must be formed by experts. And also take into account the end user who will use the system. Everything adds up when developing the project.

Six months later the project is a reality being fully operational. We can say that we have provided great value to our client. The quality of the service complies with the marked standard. In fact, it is the best of all the operations of our client in Spain. All thanks to the sum of many things, but certainly without the contribution of the team this project would not have been so successful.