FACTOR 5 has developed and implemented a totally new automated order preparation system for one of its intensive picking clients.

Objectives of the new automatic order preparation system

The idea behind the creation of this new technology, which optimized both space and productivity, arose from within the Company itself and has the following key objectives:

  • Maximizing productivity ratios.
  • Reducing the  movement required.
  • Reducing transport tasks.
  • More efficient use of warehouse spaces.

In short, this new technology is designed to optimize both available time and space and reduce the number of processes required. Thanks to this new system, FACTOR 5 is able to separate client orders and apply new criteria. This makes the automation system an ideal option for clients with a large range of products and small volume orders.  

The new FACTOR 5 automated order preparation system

In order to realize this new automatic order preparation system, all the design was undertaken internally.

This new process has resulted in levels of productivity and quality that were previously very difficult to achieve.

de productividad y calidad difícilmente alcanzables hasta la fecha.