We started to manage the TEKA´s products jointly with the client in 2010 and since 2018 we have managed 100% of the operation. With the introduction of the white label the surface has been increased by 62.5%, to cover the operation with the level of quality that we guarantee in our logistics operator, the management template has been increased in the same percentage than the surface. Currently, we can say that we are the logistics operator that manages the entire TEKA´S white label (internationally and nationally), including the Teka sanitary range (taps and bathrooms) and the international logistics of the brown range (microwaves, sinks …).
In 2018 we managed 1520 white-line containers

FACTOR 5 is the national and international logistics operator of TEKA´s white range

Teka closed its operational bases and our logistics operator went on to manage the logistics of the entire national and international white range, in addition to all the international exports of the brand, in FACTOR 5 we have more than 27,000 square meters dedicated exclusively to Teka, covering 100% the needs of:

  • Storage.
  • Handling.
  • Integral management of the central warehouse.

FACTOR 5 manages the entire TEKA white label since 2018.

About the TEKA brand

The Teka brand is a multinational that belongs to «Teka Group» or «Teka Group». This company has German origin, was founded in 1924 and bases its activity on the manufacture and marketing of kitchen and bathroom products (including both household appliances, faucets and toilets). The group has 14 factories that are distributed in different countries, and markets its products in up to 116 countries.

As we discussed in this article, the main activity of the brand focuses on the kitchen and bathroom area.