Our company have been the pioneers in installing the Visual Check system in our operations for a distribution giant that we manage in Seville. This is a quality control system by digital visual analysis using artificial vision and laser guidance.

What is the Visual Check system?

The Visual Check system automatically controls using visual analysis, the correct execution of the actions of preparation of orders also leaving a graphic test in video format of each of the actions. Before any incident, it is possible to attend it in a way objective eliminating any conflict with customers.

Additionally, this system reinforces the correct positioning of the operator using a laser driven automatically.

Results obtained thanks to the Visual Check

After the implementation of Visual Check, the percentage of errors has been reduced to 0, obtaining 100% quality. The system has also allowed analyzing the design of the process to improve it eliminating any incidence of the operation, and it has proved equally effective in eliminating the unknown loss.

According to Jose Manuel Tejera, CEO of FACTOR 5 and inventor of this system:

«The Visual Check is an example of parallel thinking, ingenuity in solving a problem and determination to implement solutions and technologies that are available to help our customers. We bet on technology and its possibilities to improve service, reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of our activity «.

The project has proven to be so effective that the Visual Check system will be applied in all our operations where this preparation methodology contributes value.

Do you want to see how Visual Check works? You can see it in the video below: