FACTOR 5 has developed a new system for one of our main clients involving the preparation and classification of orders using robots. This was an original idea developed at FACTOR 5 and represents a significant advance in the methods employed for preparing and classifying orders in environments with tight flows and cross-docking. This new technology has improved productivity by 110% compared with conventional preparation and reduces the strain on the operators.

New system for the preparation and classification of orders  

Thanks to this new technology, goods can be classified in a faster and more efficient manner.  

Advantages of preparing and classifying orders using robots

Apart from the excellent results obtained in terms of working capacity and productivity, using robots in logistics warehouses can help with the following:

  • Reducing costs.
  • Optimizing space.
  • Making products available to the client in a shorter time.

Currently many clients tend to focus on tight flow and cross-docking logistic models. This makes FACTOR 5 one of the pioneering logistics companies in terms of the preparation and classification of orders using robots.  

If the advantages described above were not enough, this new technology also enables the following:

  • Improved productivity.
  • Increasing capacity for classification by store in a smaller physical space.
  • Improved quality, eliminating possible manual errors.
  • Optimizing ergonomics for operators reducing excess strain.

In the words of Jose Manuel Tejera (CEO at FACTOR 5).

“Robotics has become a mature and reliable technology which can enable the achievement of highly competitive costs. As a result we will see it expanding throughout different areas of logistics over the coming years. FACTOR 5 is a pioneer in its use and this is an example of our innovative philosophy by which we aim to improve efficiency in all processes where technology can be applied”.