Currently, ecommerce is one of the sectors that is booming. Undoubtedly, it has become one of the main protagonists seeking new logistical spaces. Almost 40% of the activity that will be generated in the logistics sector, will correspond to the sale of ecommerce. It is also one of the sectors that has increased its hiring of parcel services. Because of that, ecommerce boosts employment.

A new consumer profile

The truth is that consumers have higher expectations regarding the speed of delivery of their orders, the amount of available stock and customer service. All this has led to online stores having a great influence on the increase of logistics centers that are currently hired. All these great truths were widely defended by Antonio Montero (national director of the Savills Industrial-logistics Agency Aguirre Newman).

New trends in the logistics sector related to ecommerce

In direct relation with online stores, there are two major trends that are taking place in the logistics sector. One of them focuses on renting XXL logistics spaces, usually located on the outskirts of the city in which it is located. This strategy would respond to the need to have a wide variety of products available. On the other hand, there is also a tendency to have small spaces, in this case, near the center of the cities. The truth is that this will serve to satisfy customers who request a fast shipment.

The growth of the logistics sector

However, we can not fail to say that the large areas (of more than 20,000 square meters) are what are often used for ecommerce. In short, this is the sector that most demands services not only of logistics, but also of transport and distribution.

It is thought that during 2018, logistics surface contracting data reached 452,000 square meters, becoming a record in the sector. If we talk about the logistics sector in Barcelona, ​​the surface contracted for these tasks went up 74.2%, reaching 391,000 square meters (according to data provided by Aguirre Newman).

These data do nothing but reflect that online stores and e-commerce business, is being a great driver for the logistics sector.

The parcel companies

On the other hand, the parcel companies are also seeing the great impact that the ecommerce sector is having on their business. For practical purposes, it has translated into the hiring of personnel, in order to respond to the large volume of orders.

To give you an example, some parcel companies defend that their services grow 40% during the sales period. In addition to this, they are also beginning to develop their own investment plans in order to enhance the logistics they carry out. On the other hand, these companies are also beginning to pay attention to the development of their own technological systems. The aim is increasing their productivity.

Note that some have already begun to adapt to this growing change with the opening of new logistics platforms in addition to expanding routes, and strengthen its workforce.

Finally, another of the new trends reflects that a new service has been incorporated with the aim of offering its customers greater flexibility. Thanks to this, customers will be able to schedule the delivery and shipping schedules that best suit their needs.

Finally, you should know that the growth of electronic commerce is partly driven by digital transformation. However, this will not result in the end of commercial premises, but both will coexist.